This site and its works are a glimpse into another dimension. A world limited only by your imagination. It lies in the fault lines of reality, occasionally seeping over into the light. See the signpost up ahead? Your next stop: Cornhenge, Ohio!

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Field of Corn is an art installation in Dublin, Ohio. It’s made up of a grassy field, 109 concrete cobs, and some orange trees (irrelevant). The Cobs are 6’ each and about 2’ in diameter. Perfect for hugging. Each is designed to be unique, too. There are several distinct molds, and each cob is turned its own direction.

Where are the original molds now? Repurposed, or simply in storage? Perhaps you could cast a 1500 pound corn cob for yourself. I wouldn’t bother, though. We’ll all have a cob eventually.

Cornhenge, or Field of Corn, on a sunny day. A shadow of a nearby Osage orange tree is visible.

Photo by Miguel CastanedaCreative Commons

The Cobs are a half acre monument to Dublin’s farming heritage. Cornhenge sticks out against the corporate buildings nearby, resembling a graveyard, and forever memorializes the once great corn fields. There’s a message in there, despite the strange medium in which it’s told.

Would you like to talk about your corn’s extended warranty—sorry. Force of habit.

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I suggest you start with the main stories, as they are the juiciest kernels of cornhengeohio dot com. They set up several independent characters, and then bring them together for a big corn-based finale! Immerse yourself in their splendor, and if you seek more, then come back for the one-off stories.

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